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What is REIKI

The discipline is very simple but very effective: Make your hands and allow the free flow of the healing energy with which we are contacted after activation by a Reiki teacher.
Without super structure, there are no unnecessary rituals, no need for complications.
"You must not have or possess" powers, without  join or renounce their own religious beliefs, ethical or political, no scheme, Reiki is an experiential practice with immediate and direct connection with the Universal Life Energy that is felt immediately and clearly through our that is, after receiving the first initiation of Reiki.
Energy activations are carried out during the course of Reiki, where the history of Reiki is explained, are taught and put into
practice on themselves initially and on the others already spent the first 21 days of experimentation.

The Reiki Master with a simple ritual in the seminar, allows the Reikidocas to recover contact consciousness with Energy, fostering the free flow of energy itself.
With the practice of the Reiki students they unleash themselves consequently, the self-healing processes and the recovery of
a mental and spiritual and physical balance.
The Reiki Master puts the student ("KI") with the Universal Energy, ("REI") to which it belongs, during the course of Reiki.
The descriptions are only partial and reductive in comparison with , Direct personal experience and the multiplicity of things and situations that take place at an energetic level during activation Reiki channel first level REIKI. Since the beginning of the course in the person begins to take place a series of processes natural that harmonize, favoring their spiritual evelopment correlated with its material reality.
From the first phase of the course, the student is able to perceive Reiki and its Energy through your hands, with different sensations depending of the sensitivity of the person, and you can detect the energy level too, any  person who is treating the disorders, the feelings, Intuitions, and even points of view begins to change your vibration to a more positive one. Once the first level course is completed, the student is Reiki, forever, you can always have the possibility to access that is, onsciously channeling the 'universal energy or energy healing.
When you want to start simply by rubbing your hands and bringing them to the Gassa position and the energy will flow Focus on the heart) Once the consciousness of Contact has recovered with energy, this perception is not lost, and the connection with Universal Energy remains active throughout life. The beauty of Reiki is that it is very simple: Reiki It works now and always, and never abandons us. The application of Reiki starts a process of self-transformation and the lighting.  Reiki is a process of "globalization» It brings physical, emotional and mental health.
Using REIKI we help free ourselves from our old patterns and resolve conflicts
we have created in our lives.