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Maria Enelsi Gomez Gutierrez was born in Medellin (Colombia), May 23, 1967. She lived in Colombia for 30 years and since she was a child she became interested in Shamanism, Complementary Care and Ethnomedicine. Graduated in "Naturopathy" both in Colombia and in Italy, with a Master in "Massage Therapy and Bioenergetics" she is an Operator in Omeosinergia at "Academia Italiana di Omeosinergia", where she brings the message of reflexology to students of the school. Academic Year 2015-2018. She has participated in various national and international poetry competitions; with the Publisher Aletti she took part in the "Federiciano" International Poetry Competition, in 2010.
She published two poetry books with Aletti Publishing, “Poesia semplice” in 2005 and “Poesie del Tempo di guerra in Colombia” in 2012. Passionate about Maya Culture, she published an Essay, "Mayan Calendar in Seven Meetings" in 2012, withLibreria Universitaria Publisher.

Dedicated to my students, friends and people who have deposited credibility, in this my method of foot massage, and who accompanied me with confidence up to the obtaining of a 150-hour course, I am worth in all respects here in Italy and I hope soon in other places, without you nothing of this would have been possible. Thank you for returning to plant with coherence on the beloved land.

In this essay she wants to share her many years of experience and to share with her people her technique of Foot Reflexology and Foot Massage.
"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and consists not only in the absence of sickness or infirmity". (Constitutive Act of the World Health Organization, 1946-1948).
Feet are a masterpiece of structural engineering, beautifully designed, in perfect coordination with many muscles. In a very small space they include 26 bones, 33 joints, 114 ligaments, 20 muscles and an intricate network of nerves and blood vessels. Wonderful structures that fully reflect our State of Health.
The fact that the "Foot Plant", like eyes and skin, communicates directly with the Central Nervous System (it is a basic element of the Postural System) makes us realize the complex system of relationships that occurs within the most disparate parts of the Body. Here's how targeted Reflexology Massage can help our body to get rid of toxins accumulated in some parts of it. The Reflexology Massage is based on "Pressures" in specific parts of the Foot which result to have correspondences with each organ of the Body and thereby determining Reactivation States and improvement of the related physiological functions.
Plantar reflexology acts on the whole organism, stimulating all the positive forces, influencing the various organs and corporeal systems: Circulatory, Nervous, Digestive and so on, normalizing and balancing its functioning. It uses the innate capacity of self-healing, a characteristic that Nature has provided us with and which allows us to recover the optimal state of well-being. Each reflex is an involuntary response to a stimulus, so that, with a pressure or a stroke, it can act at great distances on organs and muscles through the nervous circuits and through the micro electric currents that travel in length and breadth throughout our body.
Our cells have the property of excitability, that is, they respond to the stimuli that they reach them. However, Plantar Reflexology acts indirectly on our cells, exercising its function through the Pressures that the Operator, with his own hands, applies on specific areas of the feet, thus activating both our nerve centers and our energy channels. The Podale Reflexology works to regulate and regenerate the vital resources of the individual (the "Vis Medicatrix Naturae" of Hippocrates), activating the ability to rebalance vital functions and supporting personal attitudes.
 In the "Ottawa Charter" of 1986 (WHO, 1986), the concepts of "Health as Basic Human Right" and "Health Promotion" were introduced, which allow people to increase control over their health and to implement, to assist and prevent any discomfort that may affect our health.
Many Microsystems are able to reflect all the organs, structures and systems of the body, in addition to that of the Foot we find that of the Ear ("Auriculotherapy"), the Body itself ("Chinese Acupuncture"), the Eye (" Iridology "), of the Tongue and others.
Feet connect us (North-South axis) with Mother Earth, with the Female Energy that is a donor. This is why the "Five Lines" of the Foot must always be fluid: for these to bring the energy of the Earth to the Subtle Centers. If this energy flows, there is no reason to worry. Plantar reflexology aims to make us flow with life. Sometimes our body is in difficulty, because the flow of energy is insufficient, is what is called "Disease", is that process of discharge that the body uses to regain balance. On many occasions, however, it is instead blocked both in our emotional and in the physical part. Plantar reflexology helps the body to reconnect with its own innate forces.
Reflexology has been chosen by most people to treat their body health problems because it offers a high level of safety and effectiveness. It also offers a natural treatment without drugs and is easy to use. Learning Reflexology is quite simple, there is no limitation for people to apply it anytime, anywhere. Its effectiveness in treating the root of some diseases can lead to many benefits in terms of health, such as helping to reduce daily stress and alleviate the effects of injuries and disorders.
Stress contributes up to 80% for the development of any disease; the other 20% of stress will affect other conditions. Plantar reflexology offers common benefits and one of these reduces stress by exerting pressure on the specific area at the level of the feet and hands which can induce a general relaxation and at the same time relax the targeted area. Plantar reflexology is one of the ways to break the pattern of repetitive stress that people normally have according to their lifestyle. The operator, more effectively, with a series of Reflexology sessions will help the person with kindness: the first application will intervene on stress and further sessions will improve the conditions of the body. Moreover, Reflexology also allows the body to lower any stress of everyday life.
 This is a very simple method because we know that to work on the body we need a deep knowledge of both the Anatomy and the Physiology of the Body and so much experience. To work at the level of the Feet, it is enough to know the Maps, which Zone of the Body reflect and how they project in the totality, obviously always taking the usual precautions of obligation.
Starting from my experience as a Massotherapist and Bioenergetist I can say that my clients, family members and friends have found well-being and an improvement in health from their feet massage. From the very first moment I met this Practice many years ago, I remember having always wanted to have a nice Foot Massage done every evening. The results have always been of well-being and a sense of rest. This is one of the things that led me to want to share this experience with you, because our Feet are our base, the "Base of our Life".


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