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NEWS COURSE Plantar Reflexology Operator - I ° Level 150 h

Level I reflexology reflexology operator course at the end of the course and after passing the final exams the national diploma and csen holistic card will be required
The course will take place in ROME at the YOGA DARSHANA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, via Bagnone, 6 (piazza Minucciano) on the following dates:

11,12,13 October
15.16,17 November
13.14,15 December

17,18,19 January
14,15,16 February
17,18,19 April
15.16,17 May


COURSE Plantar Reflexology Operator I ° Level 150 h
What are the objectives of the course?
Acquire with a relatively limited time and cost a technique of great value both to improve personal and family health, and to act as an operator in wellness centers, beauty salons, and thermal establishments.
· To whom is it directed?
Aimed at all those who wish to acquire the theoretical bases and the technical knowledge necessary for the application of Plantar Reflexology, a wellness technique that allows the treatment of the entire organism through the massage of the reflex zones of the foot. It is a method that has spread widely thanks to its characteristics of simplicity, speed, safety and effectiveness; free of side effects, it can be used alone or in combination with other techniques and as an excellent method of energy balance and self-therapy.
· Requirements
Prerequisites for enrollment are not required
· How does this course differ from others?
Thanks to the teacher's many years of experience and the original learning method, with the help of complete study materials, at the end of the course you are able to immediately apply the techniques learned.

The course is structured in 7 long weekends (Friday afternoon, full day Saturday and Sunday morning). Each weekend consists of 17 hours distributed as follows: 5 hours on Friday, 7 hours on Saturday, 5 hours on Sunday. Every weekend is structured in 3 modules: Theory, practice and training between students. At the end of the 7 training weekends (120h), there are 2 Internship weekends (15h per weekend), on volunteers (non-course participants), on-site and monitored by teachers (30h).
Cost € 1200
The course is based on 80% practice and 20% theory. In the first 2 weekends, the amount of theoretical information is necessarily considerable and is summarized in the following weekends.

Weekend 1
Theory 5h
Historical origins of Plantar Reflexology;
What is Plantar Reflexology;
What is a "reflection";
Skin and reflexology;
Zonal maps;
Relationship between zonal maps and organs;
Anatomy / fisiologia1

Practice 5h + 7h
The accessories used during the session;
Preparation in foot massage;

Weekend 2 - 5h
The foot reflexology massage technique;
Archetypal reflexology
The benefits of plantar reflexology;
Anatomy / fisiologia2
The interpretation of pain;
Deontological aspects of the operator;
Environment, customer position, duration, frequency of treatment and intensity;
Precautions and contraindications;
Legislative references.

Practice 12h
The basic techniques: frictions, acupressure and "lombricatura";
Performing the complete work sequence of the foot massage;
Practical final review.

Weekend 3
Theory 3h
The ancient school of Chinese plantar reflexology On Zon Su
Master Ming Won

Practice 14h
Manipulations and acupressure of On Zon Su

Weekend 4
Theory 2h
Yin Yang

The manipulations of the On Zo Su


Weekend 5
Theory 3h
5 elements
 Meridian maps and relationship with plantar reflexology
History Medical History Theory

Practice 14h
Practical part on completing the Medical History Form
Language diagnosis
Treatment maps based on the diagnosis

Language diagnosis exchange between course participants

Weekend 6
Theory 3h
Various types of diagnostic techniques
Wrist diagnosis
Treatment maps based on the diagnosis

Practice 14h
Exchange between students of the various types of diagnosis and diagnosis of the wrists

Weekend 7
Theory 2h
Checks on the compilation of the Medical History Form
Self-Massage Theory
Practice 15h
Complete treatments by the students with discussion and impressions on problems that have emerged
Practice self-massage

Level I reflexology reflexology operator course at the end of the course and after passing the final exams the national diploma and csen holistic card will be required



Maria Enelsi Gomez Gutierrez was born in Colombia, May 23, 1967. Graduated in Naturopathy both in Colombia and in Italy At the Rebis school in Rome, Homeosynergetic Operator In the school of Homeopathy of Professor Monsellato in Ferrara, where he taught his method to Naturopathic students , at the Rebis school in Rome during the Quadrennial course, with a three-year Masters in Massotherapy and Bioenergetics in Medellin, Colombia, Beautician Course both in Italy and in Colombia. of Ortobionomy school Ortobionomy Milan, Reiki Master of International school based in Milan and London (RIS) and 10 years of practice on this discipline. Personal research for more than 25 years on archetypal semi-therapy. Writer of books both of poetry, essays, and experiences concerning her profession.
 Working experience
25 Years of experience in the field of Naturopathy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy (runs workshops in Europe and America).
Education and Training
High School Classical High School at the Cesde, Institute NATUROPATA AND MASTER IN MASSOTERAPIA E BIOENERGETICA. Medellin -Colombia High School of Naturapatia Institute Rebis Center in Rome, Certificate of Nutriterapia At the University of Antioquia, Biodynamics of the time and research on synchronic medicine Maya at the institute of investigation for complementary and A
sofestedan therapies in 1997. School of Aesthetics in Rome taken ALBANO LAZIALE NEW IMAGE SCHOOL, Corso di Ortobionomy Milan, Reiki Master School Ris Milan-London. The Naturopath 'and at this time written to the second year of homeosinergetic medicine of Dr. Monselato in triennale in Italy, monitors various meetings on Reiki, Biodynamic 13 Mayan moons, archetypal Aromatherapy both individual and in groups.

Practical Manual of Foot Reflexology

The Author with this essay "Practical Manual of Foot Reflexology" opens a Necklace of Manuals of Naturopathy. The intention is to provide light and easily understandable Treaties on what the Holistic World can offer in these times. Plantar Reflexology is now accepted and practiced by many Healthcare Professionals and also the Author makes it a leading profession. Being able to integrate the various Holistic Disciplines is a meritorious work, without overlapping with the Official Medicine which in some cases is indispensable. This short Practical Handbook addresses the issue also with the decades-long experience that the Author offers. Along with this Discipline now described below, other Techniques and Practices will be analyzed in order to have a holistic synthesis of what is interesting.

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paola del monaco Liceo Classico, Degree in History of Art with specialization in the show. Oriental languages ​​and civilizations.
Shiatsu Masunaga / Oashi Area Diploma Oriental Disciplines / Bionatural Disciplines / SHIATSU
Three-year Diploma Traditional Chinese Medicine, diagnosis and therapy, acupuncture and tuina INSTITUTE SUPERIRE OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE VILLA GIADA.
Internship at Acupuncture Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing and CHI KUNG DOCTOR

csen Olistico





yoga darshana international university













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