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Activa Naturopathy by Maria Enelsi Gomez, graduated in Naturopathy in both Colombia and Italy (Rome), with a Masters in Massotherapy and Bioenergetics. A Beautician Diploma in Italy and in Colombia. For 12 years she worked as a nurse at the Medellin Hospital.

Works in fields related to holistic therapies as (archetypal aromatherapy, with an aromatherapy test.

Archetypal oil test that is a test for Aromatherapy designed by the naturopath Maria Gomez after several years of study of the cases related to people who used Aromatherapy, observing the different responses to each fragrance, or their effect on tensions , headaches, stress, gastritis, and other situations of suffering.

The test is completed in less than 10 minutes, just enough time to collect data using a simple questionnaire. The principles on which this very special test is based essentially are the 7 planetary ideas that influence the emotional world, and the 13 moons of the Maya, as well as the time and date of birth of the person.

The frequencies of this oil have an integrative power that vibrates together with our emotions, sensations and conditions of evolution, integrating and harmonizing the biodynamic activity centers, connecting us to our environment, to others and to the whole.

Archetypal flower therapy, food intolerance test, resonant quantum test, Tibetan bells, ortho-butional, plantar reflexology, etc.). Expert in food intolerances and food hygiene in the field of archetypal naturopathy and in various aspects related to naturopathy. The Naturopath also performs Reiki treatments and meditation, having obtained the RIS School Master's degree based in Milan and London (president of the Master Monica Giovine). Since 2018 he has been an Omeosinergetic Operator having obtained the diploma of the three-year course of the School of Omeosinergia, and complementary techniques has therefore matured an important work of synthesis and integration between nutrition, psyche and emotionality in the prevention and promotion of health. This school is located in Ferrara Italy where it currently plays the role of Archetypal Reflexology teacher.

For any information from any part of the world:

info@naturopatiaactiva,com | naturopatiaactiva@gmail.com | facebok Maria Enelsi Gomez
Maria Enelsi Gomez WhatsApp +39 346 85 438 20